Safello Premium

An exclusive experience with lower fees and personal support.

Why Safello Premium?

1. Trust

Safello is Sweden's most trusted currency exchange for cryptocurrencies and has been registered with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority since 2013. Safello has since the beginning actively worked with authorities and law enforcement to create the safest trading platform for our customers. Safello Premium is the obvious choice for those who want to invest safely.

2. Premium Support

We understand that you may want to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin but feel uncertain about the technology and would like guidance. We have a trained and experienced support team who are ready to help you in every step of the process, so that you can invest Bitcoin, Ethereum or XRP safely* , securely and quickly.

3. Better fees

When you invest with Safello we offer transparent and simple fees. No annoying extra fees for transfers or other surcharges. You see your total fee before paying for your order - it cannot be clearer. Most importantly, as a Premium customer you get better fees.

Premium Regular
Swish 2% 7%
Bankgiro / SEPA 2% 4%
Sales 2% 3%

What's the difference?

What is the difference between owning your own cryptocurrencies stored in a hardware wallet compared to investing in certificates with cryptocurrencies as the underlying asset?

You become your own bank

When you buy cryptocurrencies from us, you gain access to cryptocurrencies that you store for the future yourself. Since no bank controls your crypto, you are now completely independent from potential IT problems at your bank. Nor are you susceptible to a bank run. You choose when you want to exchange back to SEK, or transfer the money to another cryptocurrency address.

Safe & secure

When you store your crypto in a hardware wallet and store it in a safe or a safety deposit box, there is no one else with access to your assets. The hardware wallet cannot be hacked over the internet and is protected by a password if any unknown person gets to physically access it.

"My money in my control"

Exclusive access

It is easy to begin

The minimum purchase for Premium customers is SEK 100,000. You pay conveniently with Bankgiro or Swish.

We know bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Are you interested in investing in another cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum or XRP? We have experts with us at Safello who can help you.

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