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No capital gains tax. Prepare for succession. Access with BankID.

Cryptocurrencies held on a capital insurance.

Buy and hold real crypto within a capital insurance. Through a unique collaboration between Safello, the insurance company Quantum Leben and the insurance distributor Hubins, investments in real crypto assets are available within a capital insurance for individuals and businesses.

When you invest in crypto through a capital insurance solution, you do not pay capital gains tax. Instead you pay an annual flat tax, and you do not need to declare your purchases and sales. Your Bitcoins are stored securely with Safello, and you can access your holdings through easy login with BankID via the Hubins platform.

Why Capital Insurance?

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    No capital gains tax and declaration

    You don't have to declare your transactions, and the tax base will be pre-filled in your income tax return as an individual. You can find all the information in the annual report for both companies and individuals.

    Besides, you don’t pay any capital gains tax.

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    Inheritance planning with crypto

    Inheritance planning for future generations has never been easier. You can choose a beneficiary for your Bitcoin and Ethereum, which otherwise may require complex transfer structures in the event of your passing.

    If you do not choose a beneficiary, your spouse, partner, or children will automatically become the beneficiary.

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    Safe storage & Convenient access

    Safello securely stores your Bitcoin and Ethereum with Fireblocks MPC-technology.

    You can easily view your crypto with BankID at any time to track its progress through your account with Hubins.

Which cryptocurrencies can I invest in through Capital Insurance?

The cryptocurrencies available through capital insurance are Bitcoin and Ethereum. You are investing in real cryptocurrency, thus reducing counterparty risks associated with exchange-traded products. It is possible to move your existing cryptocurrencies to the capital insurance, however this requires manual handling from Hubins.