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Short Guide to Safello’s Terms of Service

Welcome to Safello!

As the cryptocurrency world can be difficult and opaque, we strive to be always upfront and transparent. You putting your trust in Safello means a great deal to us. This starts before you make your first transaction, with the terms of service.

Below you will find the most important passages from our Terms and Service and Privacy Policy, in alphabetical order. The links to the full policies are of course also listed below, for your convenience.

1. Cryptocurrencies

We exchange Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) to and from Swedish Krona or Euro.

2. Data storage

Based on Swedish accounting regulation, we will keep records of your transaction for seven years since you have completed your last sale or purchase. In case you have just logged in, without transacting, we can erase it instantly. If you wish to remove your account, you can send us a request via e-mail to .

3. Fees

Safello charges between 3% - 7% on every transaction, depending on the payment method and the type of order that you choose. In case you transfer for at least 100K SEK per year, you could pay as little as 2% by becoming a Safello Premium user. Further information about the fees and payment methods can be found here.

4. Investment support and third-party trading

While using Safello, make sure that you are performing transactions on your own behalf. There are organisations or individuals (so-called third-party service providers) that might ask you to be your trader or advisor. Sometimes, they even request access to your computer to perform transactions on your behalf. Always make sure that you control the wallet that you send your funds to. If you don’t do that, you are not only breaching our terms of service but also putting yourself at significant risk of losing your funds - click here for more information.

5. Jurisdiction

Safello operates under the laws of Sweden.

6. Liability

Safello’s team does everything in its power to keep your funds and investments safe, protected and secure. You have to be aware that once completed, cryptocurrency transactions are not reversible, based on the way that the blockchain is designed. Despite our best intentions, we will not be able to reverse a completed transaction or support you in case you have lost the keys to your personal cryptocurrency wallet.

7. Personal data and your personal information

Safello does not share your personal information or any data that might identify you with other entities unless that information is needed to process the transaction or has been requested by law enforcement agencies.

Our Privacy Policy provides more extensive information on how Safello collects and uses your personal data.

8. Proof of funds

From time to time, as required by law, you might be asked to provide information about the source of your funds, wealth or cryptocurrency. Please ensure that you answer the questions to the fullest extent, as otherwise your account might be terminated and the transactions refused.

9. Refunds

In case your transaction has not been completed yet, you might always ask our customer service for a refund. There is a fee of 50 SEK connected to the refund process.

10. Restricted users

You have to be a Swedish tax resident with a valid BankID, who is 18 years or older to use Safello’s services. Users who have restricted identities, hidden identities or protected identities are not being accepted at this stage.

11. Stay safe

As a regulated financial institution with the Swedish Supervisory Authority (Finansinspekionen) since 2013, we are leading in understanding the risks and threats in the cryptocurrency world. This knowledge we pass onto you on our blog, on our fraud prevention page and through our support articles. While we do our part in protecting you, we encourage you to stay vigilant by educating yourself.

12. Transaction times

Your transaction will be completed after we have received and processed your funds. For buy crypto orders, paid with Swish, it takes on average 10 minutes for bitcoin transactions to arrive in your wallet due to the blockchain transaction processing time. If the blockchain is congested, processing time can be longer. For Ethereum and XRP similar processing times exist.

While selling cryptocurrency to Safello, your payout will take place with a bank transfer to your bank account. The payout can take from one hour up to 36 hours during banking days. This depends on your bank and the time of day that you sent the funds for your order.

13. Wallet information

Safello is not a cryptocurrency wallet provider. By accepting our terms, you are only allowed to exchange SEK or EUR to cryptocurrency that is sent to your own wallet. As Safello is not a payment service provider, you are not allowed to pay for products, services, or technology, and doing so is a breach of our Terms of Service.

Safello offers dedicated customer support in Swedish and English, all weekdays between 09:00 and 17:00 GMT+1. Please use the chat function on the website or contact us at for more information and personal assistance.

For more comprehensive information, please review our full policies here:

Terms of Service (full)

Privacy Policy

Anti Money Laundering Policy

General Data Protection Regulation Policy