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Finally super easy

Thanks to our integration with Divly, filing crypto taxes is now a simple and seamless process. In addition, all Safello users who create an account on Divly will get a 30% discount* on the yearly fee. Simply click on the link below to set up your Divly account and get started. It's so smooth that you will long for the next tax season. Maybe.

*The discount applies until 8 March 2024.

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How it works

Safello and Divly have built an integrated solution so that you can easily import your transactions into Divly: you simply use BankID to authorize Divly to access your transaction history. Divly will then help assemble a finished K4 report to be used when declaring your taxes to Skatteverket. If you don't want to import the transaction history automatically, you can also upload a CSV file.

  • 1

    Create a Divly account and sign in

  • 2

    Choose Safello under Wallets and connect

  • 3

    Use BankID to authorize Divly to access your transaction history

  • 4

    Download a finished K4 report

About Divly

Divly helps people track, calculate and declare their cryptocurrency taxes. They are local crypto tax experts and provide detailed information, guides and support to make the tax process as easy as possible. Founded in Sweden, Divly are now available in five markets.

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More options

You can also file your taxes through Koinly who offers a similar tax service for professional investors and businesses.