To the moon!

With Safello Business companies can exchange, invest and store crypto in a safe and easy way. We offer smooth onboarding with Mobile BankID, no minimum investment requirement and fast payouts via Bankgiro through a Swedish bank.

Easy on & off-ramp for businesses

With Safello it is easy to invest, exchange, withdraw and store crypto. We offer a secure and proven platform for trading with digital assets so that you can experience the cryptoverse safe and sound.

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    Easy onboarding

    We offer simple, smooth and secure onboarding with Mobile BankID.

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    No minimum investment

    With us there`s no minimum investment requirement. The transaction fee is based on order volume and follows our level-based fee structure.

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    Payouts via Bankgiro

    We offer fast payouts via Bankgiro through a Swedish bank.

Onboarded companies


Who are you?

I'm building Web3

As a company who operates within the blockchain world we believe you are probably in need of a smooth and secure exchange solution and an off-ramp to the traditional economy.

Maybe you are:

  • Building a Dapp

  • Creating or trading NFTs

  • Involved in DeFi or GameFi

  • Receiving payments in crypto

  • Mining crypto

  • DAO

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I just want to invest in crypto

We can help any type of business who wants to buy, sell and store crypto. Maybe you want to buy NFTs, interact on the blockchain or just devote part of your capital to digital assets investments.

To trade with us, you need to be one of the following:

  • Limited company

  • Trading company

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