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Start to buy Polygon

Get started with 3 easy steps

  • BankId logo Secure login with Mobile BankID
  • Swish logo Simple payment with Swish
  • Crypto wallet logo Safe storage in Safello Wallet
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How to buy Polygon?

Buying Polygon with Swish and Mobile BankID directly from your phone is the easiest way to get started. We set the exchange rate immediately after the Swish payment and send out your Polygon a few seconds later. For 98% of our customers, the first purchase is ready in less than a minute. Don’t have Swish? Read more about Swish here!

Why buy with Safello?

Since Safello started almost 9 years ago, our focus has always been on secure systems and transparent transactions that comply with all Swedish regulations and laws regarding anti-money laundering. We offer a platform built on security, best in class compliance and a team who have extensive knowledge about the crypto economy so that you can enter the crypto world safely and easily.