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Not your ordinary wallet

Impossible to lose, thanks to Mobile BankID.

Some things never change, even cryptocurrencies need a wallet. The good news? Safello Wallet is created automatically when you make your first purchase and you don’t need to remember impossibly long passwords as you log in with Mobile BankID. If you want to send your crypto to another wallet that’s fine too.

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It's not complicated

  • Created automatically
  • Easy and secure login with Mobile BankID
  • Clear overview of purchases
  • Never lose control or access thanks to Mobile BankID

The techy part

Just like some of the world's largest banks and leading crypto exchanges, we use Fireblock's world-leading wallet technology to keep your crypto in safe custody. Fireblocks protocols are based on MPC technology that eliminates the single point of failure for private keys. MPC, or secure multiparty computation if we want to be really technical, is a cryptographic technology which means that private keys are never fully constructed. Instead, they are divided and distributed between different parties to carry out a transaction, which provides the highest available security.

You can read more about the technology here.

A wallet for the new times