Start to buy Bitcoin

With 3 easy steps

  1. BankId logo Secure login with Mobile BankID
  2. Swish logo Simple payment with Swish
  3. Crypto wallet logo Safe storage in Safello Wallet

Easy & simple with Swish and Mobile BankID

Buying bitcoin with Swish and BankID directly from your phone is the easiest way to get started with bitcoin. We set the exchange rate immediately after the Swish payment and send out your bitcoin a few seconds later. For 98% of our customers, the first purchase is ready in less than a minute.

Do not have Swish? Read more about Swish here!

How does a bitcoin wallet work?

To buy bitcoin from Safello, you need a bitcoin wallet. It is created automatically with us at Safello when you buy your bitcoins. If you want to send to another wallet address, this is also fine.

Read more about how Safello’s wallet works here.

First time you buy bitcoin?

The Bitcoin world is as exciting as it is big. That is why we at Safello place the greatest emphasis on secure systems and transparent transactions that comply with all regulations and Swedish laws regarding anti-money laundering. As Sweden’s most serious player in Bitcoin, we make sure that every purchase goes right.