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Start saving monthly in crypto

Set up your monthly crypto savings in just a few clicks using Mobile BankID.

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    Providing uncompromising security for our users will always be our number one priority. We're using Mobile BankID to access and set up your savings plan with us.

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    Simple setup

    Pick your choice of crypto, set a monthly amount in SEK and select a date for the transaction. Three clicks and you're ready. It's as easy as that.

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    Bank connection

    Safello Subscription is powered by Open Payments, an open banking provider with integrations to Sweden's largest banks. Use your Mobile BankID and connect it to your bank and then you're ready to go. We support Swedbank and SEB.

Why should I invest monthly?

It's difficult to always buy when the price is at its lowest. With a monthly investment you can make your money grow over time without having to spend time keeping track of prices all the time. When you buy monthly over a longer period of time you get an average purchase cost and there is less risk that you buy at the time when the price is at the highest.

A long-term monthly investment strategy is therefore likely to better protect your portfolio from high volatility. Remember that even though bitcoin and ether historically has increased in value, they have a high price volatility. So don't invest more than you can afford to lose.

How does it work?

The transaction takes 1-2 bank days and the exchange rate is set when the money has arrived. Your newly bought crypto can be found in your wallet and the full order history is shown under your account. The recurring fee for subscription is 3% and can be cancelled at any time.

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