How to sell bitcoins

  1. Create an account with us and verify your identity.
  2. Connect a bank account and transfer your bitcoins to your Safello account.
  3. Your bitcoins will automatically be sold as soon as the transaction is processed.

From bitcoins to money in your account – quickly and securely

When you have verified your identity and bank, you send the amount of bitcoins that you want to sell. Your transaction will be processed automatically, and the money transferred to your bank account as soon as your sale has gone through.

Low fees for sellers

We only work with transparent transactions and straightforward processes. We don’t add on administrative fees either when you buy or sell. Instead we use what’s known as a spread model. Secure, straightforward and fast!

First time seller of bitcoin?

The bitcoin world is as exciting as it is big. That’s why, at Safello, we place great importance on secure systems and transparent transactions that comply with all European regulations and laws on money laundering. As Europe’s most serious actor within bitcoin, we make sure every sale runs smoothly.

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