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How to sell bitcoin

Selling bitcoin (BTC) for the first time can be a scary exercise. Once you hit the send button in your wallet, how do you know whether your funds are on its way? How long will it take for my funds to arrive? How can I see when my fiat currency is on its way to my bank account? To alleviate these issues Safello has created a safe and simple selling process. Let’s have a look at the four simple steps.

  1. Type in the amount you would like to sell.
  2. Verify your identity and select your bank account.
  3. Send your cryptocurrency to your QR code.
  4. Follow the process on our tracking page until your money arrives!

From bitcoin to money in your account – quickly and securely

To start, you type in the amount that you would like to sell for in your local currency (SEK/EUR) or Bitcoin (BTC). As you type you will see a real-time calculation of your fee and the current bitcoin price.

Verify your identity and select your bank account

Safely veryify your identity with BankID as you would in the buying process and then tell Safello what bank account your money should go to. In case you have already connected your account before, you simply select one of your connected accounts.

Send your bitcoins to the QR code

Send your order amount to the QR code from your wallet. If your wallt does not support this, then copy the bitcoin address by simply clicking on the “copy address” button. In that case you do need to put in the amount you are selling manually into your wallet.

Track your order

Follow your order on our tracking page until your money arrives. Once you have sent your funds you can visit our tracking page to follow your order. Simply type in the order number you received in the last step or in your inbox and type it in the field.

Save the receipt

Now that your order is complete, you can save your order receipt in PDF form. This can be helpful to show your accountant or to generally keep track of your buy and selling history.

PRO Tip: If you log into Safello ( you can see your entire order history and download it in CSV format as well.

First time seller of bitcoin?

The bitcoin world is as exciting as it is big. At Safello, we place great importance on secure systems and transparent transactions which comply with all EU regulations and laws on money laundering. Since 2013 we are a Swedish regulated cryptocurrency exchange and we make sure every purchase runs smoothly. Visit our customer support section to learn more.